How To Get A Starbucks Gold Card Quick

Get Starbucks Gold Card Quick

Prior to April 1st 2016 the easiest way to get Starbucks gold card quick was to earn 30 stars. As each star came from 1 purchase, you could achieve gold card level very quickly by ringing each item up individually. This acted like separate purchases and would reward you with more than one gold star at a time! This will show you how to get a Starbucks gold card quick!

New Starbucks Rewards Changes 2016

get Starbucks gold card quick

Now however it is a little more time and money consuming to get a Starbucks gold card.

Get Starbucks Gold Card Quick

First of all you will need to get a total of 300 points in order to reach Starbucks gold card level. Given that for every $1 spent, it will get you 2 points, the math is pretty simple. It will take you $150 in order to get a Starbucks gold card. You said you wanted to get a Starbucks gold card quick. Now spend the money!


Unfortunately now that they have changed the method to get a gold card, there is only one way to get a Starbucks gold card quickly, and that is to spend a lot of money (well $150) in a short amount of time. We worked it out that, if an average order at Starbucks is around $5, it would take you 60 visits to reach gold card level. So a whole 2 moths of visiting Starbucks every single day in order to get to gold level. Is it worth it? That’s for you to decide, we’re just here to tell you how to get a Starbucks gold card quick.

How To Maintain Your Starbucks Gold Card



Keeping Your Starbucks Gold Card

Once you’ve got your gold card, it isn’t with you for life, you need to take certain measures to ensure that on the 1 year anniversary of when you got your gold card, it will automatically renew! To keep you Starbucks gold card you just simply need to get 300 points within 1 year from when the gold card anniversary is. That works out at around $150 per year to keep your gold card.  $12.50 per month worth of coffee, that’s only a couple of coffees per week to keep it. If you want more information about how to keep your gold card, check out the article here. So although you may have get Starbucks gold card quick it’s not going to stay there forever!


What Is A Starbucks Gold Card

Finally after reading all of this, you may be confused as to what one is. Well a Gold card is a level of membership that you get once having 300 points in 1 year. This gives you special offers like, free drink on your birthday, free refills, and coupons sent to your e-mail. Get Starbucks gold card quick.

The Gold card will be shipped to you once you reach gold card level, but you don’t always have to carry it around with you. You can use the Starbucks app to get the perks from your gold card, it’s very convenient. If you like the sound of the gold card, you should get Starbucks gold card quick.

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